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When I was in my twenties, my pet never came into consideration when I was buying a car. I don’t ever really remember my parents discussing the family dog and cat, when they were looking at cars either.

I look back and that’s probably because the types of cars I was purchasing were in my budget… fairly cheap and crappy. My parents thought cars were “one of the biggest depreciating assets” and to my disappointment, never really ventured beyond the bog-standard ford falcon family station wagon.

I think the (superficial) embarrassment I felt, when my Mum pulled up in the school pick up queue; behind the line of sparkling Mercedes and Range Rovers in our beat-up poo brown falcon; scarred me for life.

As soon as I could afford, what I considered to be a decent car, I bought one. This took me some years I might add, but I got there. It was only then I realized the effect pets have on a nice car and how your pet can decide the car you buy.

Fawn French bulldog hair all over my new gleaming Porsche’s pristine black carpet was not the look I was going for! After a while it bothered me so much, I traded the Porsche in for a cream carpeted BMW that perfectly matched the colour of my Frenchie Hugo’s ever malting hair.

I think I must have chosen the colour of the carpet over the model of the car. I wasn’t the biggest fan of BMW’s back then and I’m still not today.

I’m sure car enthusiasts would shout in unison “Keep the Porsche and get rid of the bloody dog !”. Getting rid of my sweet Hugo, so I could keep a nice car (looking nice) was NEVER an option.

So here I was, driving off in my not-so-cool, cream carpeted, 6 series, 4 door BMW, thinking all my problems were sorted…. only to find out they had only just begun. Cream carpets are even worse than black carpets! OK granted the fawn hair sticking out like a sore thumb all over the black carpet was no longer an issue, but did I mention I was living in London? Wet, muddy boots coupled with wet stinky dog from park, spells one word. Disaster.

So, what is the solution to buying a car that works for you and your pet? Go back to buying cheap crappy cars? Don’t buy a car and catch Ubers and walk everywhere? Or maybe it’s just buy the car you like and can afford and go with the flow.

The facts remain. You’ve got a dog or cat or both (that you presumably like) and they, like kids are going to mess up a car. So suck it up, clean it up, or if you’re like me and don’t know how to work a vacuum cleaner, pay someone to do it for you!

Gabrielle Amies, PETVIM

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